The AI of Luck

Randomness is a part of everything we do. Why was I born in America? Why did that coin come up heads? Why do I have a crippling sex addiction? Why do these shrimp taste off? Why am I in jail for fraud and embezzlement? These questions all have answers with one thing in common: their answers are due in part to luck.

What people fail to realize is that much of life is random chance. How many things turn out is due entirely to pure luck. What most people further fail to realize is that this axiom extends to the field of AI as well. Ever heard of a random walk? How about stochastic gradient descent? Maybe reinforcement learning? These are some core concepts in AI that are wholly dependent on randomness. If you don't know them, it's time to get educated or get left to the dogs.

So remember - if you're a data scientist and things end up not working your way, it was probably luck's fault. Never forget: you're a big, bright, shining AI star who won't let bad results get you down. Write it all off as luck and forge ahead.