Poetical Efficiencies

Poetry for AI Professionals: Dual Haikus for Synergy

A data scientist by trade, I spend my days cranking on algorithms and helping my organization dominate with data. But today I'd like to share with you a different side of data science, a side that identifies and leverages new artistic efficiencies through inspiring word value. Rigorous studies show that expressing your thoughts and feelings poetically has substantial benefits, with some experts writing that "[W]here poetry reaches for artistic thought and feeling, business reaches for quantitative figures and commercial opportunities to concentrate into an executable, tangible line or strategy" - powerful stuff.

In this new series, I'll share with you some recent poems I generated that might be of value to you and help you expand your fieldview.

A Framework To Be Using
Actioning Data
Doing Cross-Validation
Counting Dollars Saved

A Framework To Be Losing
Not Scalable Things
Not Productizing Insights
Increasing Dollars Spent