AI History

Historical Examinations: Was John Montagu the Original AI Innovator?

In the Historical Examinations series, we here at AI Decisioning will examine important historical figures within the context of AI. This week, things get even more fascinating (and delicious): John Montagu, the alleged inventor of the sandwich.

As we all know, "AI" is a pretty broad term, ranging from advanced programming languages to powerful decision tools. But somewhere in this spectrum should lie the greatest innovation in the history of food: sandwiches. When John Montagu was gambling in such a focused manner that he couldn't divert his attention to eat his meat, he dreamed up the innovation that nobody knew they needed until it was in their faces. The goal was to use bread, dry and hand-holdable, and its combination of portability and structural integrity to obliterate hunger. It was an unprecedented tactic.

Did John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, listen to the detractors? Hell no. He was a changemaker - he made his own rules. Did it slow down his body, smashing meat down his gullet all day? Sure, but so does meeting with IT - you have to do what's necessary. Did he eat constantly? Sure, but greatness requires investment - gotta spend money to make money. Was his chin happy about how much transformation this innovation drove? They sure were.

John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich: a gigantic figure in the field of AI.